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Merrie Mill Farm and Vineyard

Merrie Mill Farm and Vineyard is one of the newer wineries to open up in the Keswick area and we are here to tell you that it's out of this world wonderful!! From it's beautiful views, meticulously designed interior, plenty of outdoor and indoor space and the most important feature of all, the wine, which is delicious, this place has it all!! The staff is above and beyond accommodating, friendly, professional and always have smiles on their faces. If you're looking for a place that you can easily spend an entire afternoon relaxing and enjoying some great wine, fantastic food, awesome views and super staff, this IS the place!

About UsThe Merrie Mill Farm Story


In researching the home’s history, the Pellys were moved to discover a heritage for community events, stemming in particular from John Armstrong “Archie” Chaloner. In the 1920s, Chaloner was known for welcoming the community to his home and property to make use of the dance pavilion and first public pool and first movie theater in the region. The main house at Merrie Mill Farm was built in 1857.

From The Pellys

In 2017, we were in Charlottesville for a friend’s wedding when we became enchanted by Virginia. The idea of starting a vineyard sparked and took hold. Just a year later, we purchased Merrie Mill Farm, moving our family from the UK. The property, for its buildings and land, spoke to our love of wine, architecture, interior design and the outdoors. So, with our young daughter, Willow, and another on the way, we moved into a small cottage on the property. While Elizabeth oversaw the restoration and renovation of the main house, I took to the fields.

The last three years have been long and good. We were thrilled to learn much of our fields consist of a rare Manteo soil, a rocky and well-draining soil perfect for growing grapes. But Mother Nature is a fickle mistress. Our first viable crop, due for our 2020 vintage, was lost to a devastating, historic frost. Heartbreaking and humbling, our year of hard work and vision for our first vintage was gone in an evening. Again this spring, we watched over our vines a few anxious nights as the temperatures dipped dangerously low, but were fortunately spared!

Meanwhile, we had an old tractor barn demolished to construct our new 5,000 sq ft tasting room. Elizabeth and team designed the tasting room to feel like a home, sourcing eclectic antique furnishings, personal artwork and antique taxidermy - to bring together a space that has to be seen to be believed.

Despite the highs and lows, it’s the day-to-day that is most sweet: working the land, discovering curiosities to bring our tasting room to life, walking from the house to the tasting room with our girls and dogs at our feet. We’re most excited to welcome you to The Tasting Room at Merrie Mill, to be part of hosting your gatherings and celebrations, reunions and rest.

Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard has been a true labour of love, and we take great joy in welcoming you here.

Guy, Elizabeth, Willow and Clementine Pelly. XX

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